Who are the Scouts?


The Scouts are young girls and boys between the ages of ten and a half and fourteen years old. The meet at weekly troop meetings. Smaller groups or Patrols are encouraged to work together to enable leadership skills and teamwork to be paramount.

The Scout Troop


The Scout Troop comprises of a number of patrols. The day to day running of the Troop is carried out by the Patrol Leaders under the guidance of adult leadership.

It is the adult team of Scout Leaders, Assistant Scout Leaders, Sectional Assistants and Young Leaders that plan for the longer term and ensure that each Scout takes part in a balanced programme over a period of time. Camps, expeditions and outdoor activities should be a regular part of the programme.

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Scouts Balanced Programme


A good troop programme will have a variety of activities, delivered by different methods covering the 'Programme Zones'. The 'Programme Zones' are similar to those in the Cub Scout Pack and will therefore be familiar to some young members.

Best effort is rewarded with a number of badges, including a wide range of activity badges which cater for individual skills and interests.

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